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The "realists" say that there is neither time nor money for new elections.But a few months and million is a small price to pay to avoid wasting five years and the billion promised for earthquake reconstruction.

One year after Haiti’s devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, that killed more than two hundred thousand people and left nearly one million homeless, the country remains chaotic and desperate.

If the Haitian government and its foreign partners--especially the United States, which contributed .5 million, half the election’s cost--persist in forcing the results of this election onto reluctant voters, the protests and disruption could continue for the next president’s five-year term. Turnout was less than 25 percent, and the top three candidates combined received support from 14 percent of registered voters.

The solutions to the problems should therefore start at the beginning, with the installation of a new, independent electoral council and the inclusion of all qualified parties.

The United States should take leadership in insisting on new elections to protect its investments in Haiti--almost billion spent in 2010 for earthquake response and reconstruction.

Stability in Haiti also reduces the refugee flows that stress our border security and immigration programs, and makes Haiti less hospitable for drug transshipment to the United States.

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Basketball is slowly but steadily gaining popularity, especially among the youth.

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